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We currently have one eBook that you can sign up to sell, and there are two other eBooks in development at this time:

eBook – Kick the Weight With Keto – 50% commission!

KWWK was written in 2013 and updated in late 2017. It is what one of my affiliates calls an “evergreen” and has sold very well to those who are interested in low carb diets as well as paleo, primal, and WAPF traditional diets. Unlike other keto bloggers, I do not believe that we need to use ANY ketone type products to be successful on keto, only real food and limited supplemental based on an individual's needs. This is part of what sets KWWK apart from the competition as it's a more honest approach to keto without the high pressure sales of products we don't need.

My method with readers is to teach them the process of keto and how to implement it in their busy lives, including lots of recipes that were ALL tested by me (and that I use in my daily life). I do not talk much about the science of keto (although it is mentioned) as I feel other bloggers do a much better job on that topic. This is a real “How To” manual for keto with two weeks of detailed menus and over 50 recipes as well as a large Keto Troubleshootig section (keto flu issues anyone?).

Looking forward to working with you!


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