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How to Configure MyFitnessPal for a Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet



MyFitnessPal is actually my FAVORITE app to track carbs and calories. However it does take a bit of configuring to get the goals and displays correct so they're more useful when you're on a low carb or ketogenic (keto) diet.

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If you're on low carb or keto, you'll definitely want to consider tracking your food from time-to-time in some way. I've found that tracking is really important to keeping me honest about what I'm putting in my mouth. However, the tool comes with default settings that aren't keto friendly.

First, you'll want to run the keto calculator to see what levels of macros (protein, carbs & fat percentages) you should be eating for your current size and activity level.

Steps to Change macro levels in MFP

  1. Log into Myfitnesspal on a computer. You must be on the full web version of MFP to do these steps as of this writing, not the mobile app.
  2. At the top of the screen, click “Settings”, then on the bar below click “Goals” MFP1
  3. On the bottom of the screen, click the green ‘change goals' button.
  4. Under “change your fitness goals” click “Custom”, then click ‘Continue'. MFP2
  5. At the ‘customize your fitness goals' screen, you can now use the drop downs to change your macro goals. Be sure to click the green ‘Save' button on the bottom.  MFP3

How to Add Fiber to your Display Tracking

This is the change that I really loved – adding the fiber to the tracking column!! It was frustrating trying to find the fiber info for a day so that I could calculate my net carbs. With this one small change, I no longer have that problem. And I put it right next to the carbs so I can look at it quickly. It would be better if there was an automatic calculation for net carbs, but hey this is the next best thing, and make MFP more useful.


  1.  Again, log into MFP full web site on a computer not mobile version.
  2. Click on the ‘Food' heading, then click ‘Settings' to the right. MFP5
  3. Using the drop downs, change the macro headings to the order that you would like, putting fiber next to carbs. MFP6
  4. Don't forget to click the green ‘Save changes' button at the bottom of the screen when you're done.

So how did I do, did you have any other questions on My Fitness Pal? Ask questions in the comments!

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