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Sushi Salad with Sriracha Dressing & Seaweed “Croutons”

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This amazing, versatile low carb salad is the accidental product of my laziness. I was trying to come up with a keto paleo sushi (really sashimi) hand roll using seaweed snacks but was having problems with them holding together. After struggling awhile (and having to eat my soggy failures haha), I decided WTH I'm just going to combine all of the ingredients and call it Keto Paleo Sushi Sashimi Salad, with Sriracha dressing and seaweed snacks “croutons”! Wow that's a lot of S's!

Seaweed snacks are individually packaged, small rectangles of seasoned and dried nori that are becoming all the rage lately. I really wanted to use them in this recipe because they are a little crispier than just plain nori sheets and not as thick. I also like the sea salt seasoning on them, and I think they're easier to keep around the house as they're tasty as a snack just on their own and are about 3 net carbs for a whole package. You could however use any nori in place of the snacks, but it would be best if it was toasted. Seaweed in any form is an amazing source of natural iodine and trace minerals. It's one of the most nutritious foods on our planet (not quite as nutritious as liver though).

Tips for making Paleo Keto Sushi Salad

  •  If you take this salad for lunch to work later in the day, keep the seaweed ‘croutons' separate until you eat
  • This makes a great first course to a sushi dinner. You can dress this little salad up very nicely for guests.
  • The type of seafood and vegetables can be swapped out for what you have available, and the seafood doesn't even have to be raw if you don't like it.
  • If you do not use the optional ginger, this recipe is also a great meal if you are doing a Whole30 diet.

Sushi Salad


1 main dish serving or 4 appetizer servings


For the Sushi Salad:

  • 4 ounces wild bay shrimp (the little ones), or bite sized fish/seafood of your choice (raw or cooked)
  • 1/2 of a thin skinned cucumber, or about 4-5 blanched asparagus spears, cut into bite sized pieces
  • 2 Tablespoons chopped spring (green) onions
  • 1/2 avocado, cut into chunks or mashed
  • Seaweed snacks – about 3-5 small sheets (or to taste) – add right before serving
  • optional: chopped pickled ginger

For the Sriracha Salad Dressing:


  1. Combine all of the salad ingredients in a bowl except for the seaweed.
  2. In a separate small bowl, combine the Sriracha salad dressing ingredients, mix with a fork. Add just a few drops of Sriracha to start and keep mixing in more to taste. My dressing was light pink but I know a lot of people who like A LOT of Sriracha on their food!
  3. If you want to stop at this point and chill the salad for later, do it now before you combine with the dressing and seaweed croutons.
  4. Toss the salad ingredients with the salad dressing, top with crumbled seaweed, and serve!


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