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5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on Paleo

5 reasons not losing weight on paleo

Are you just not losing the weight that you want on Paleo? It is possible to lose weight on paleo, but you have to adjust things a bit. You may be doing one (or more) of these 5 things…

1. You're Not Eating Enough (Good) Fat

Fear of fat is still very prevalent in our society, but don't buy into it! Most people need a higher percentage of fat daily than you think, and this especially is true for those that are metabolically challenged and who have problems losing weight. Get a lot of good fats every day and DO NOT eat low fat processed foods. Have some real butter, ghee or coconut oil in your cooking. Take a swig of MCT oil in the morning for extra energy, and for goodness sakes, use olive oil or butter on your vegetables and real mayonnaise or salad dressings on your salads, not the stuff in the bottles.

I am eating the most fat I ever have in my life (about 70-75% of my total calories daily) and I've never felt better in my life!

2. You're Eating Too Many “Sweets”

Paleo desserts are amazing, and so much healthier than what we all used to eat! Even though they are made with healthy sweeteners such as grade B maple syrup and raw honey, they're still sweet and some people can tend to lean on them too much. Sometimes it's just best to go cold turkey with sweet things in general for awhile and give your taste buds a chance to adjust. If you want to sweeten something, try a small amount of stevia.

Sweets, no matter how healthy, prime some of us to want to eat MORE at our next meal or later that day. Also even healthy sweeteners can cause blood sugar swings even in those that are not diabetic or even pre-diabetic.

3. You're Not Tracking What You Eat

Tracking food doesn't mean you bring a scale to restaurants like the olden days. It's never been easier to keep track of what you're eating with all of the online tools out there. Tracking is great to do at least one week per month to ‘check in' with yourself and make sure that your fats and carbs are on target for your goals. Until you track your food, you don't really know how much you're eating.

I found that once I started tracking, I could make adjustments really quickly from day-to-day and my weight loss increased.

4. Your Carb Level is Too High

I hate that this is true for me, but I've found that some people, especially those that are metabolically challenged (like myself), just cannot eat a lot of carbs in one day and lose weight, no matter how healthy the food is. It also doesn't even matter especially how many calories one eats, if the carbs are too high, your body may decide to hold onto the weight.

Everyone has a ‘sweet spot' carb level that they will want to adhere to, and it's different for everyone. A good place to start is under 50 grams per day, and go from there.

5. You're Not in Ketosis

And the last reason you're not losing weight on paleo is that you're probably not in ketosis! What is ketosis you say? Well this is when your body is running on ketones for fuel and not glucose. When your brain is running on ketones, it's more efficient and you'll lose weight as well as have reduced or eliminated inflammation. When you're in ketosis, your hunger between meals drop and your satisfaction with foods increases. Your mental fogginess will clear and your energy level will increase, along with the quality of your sleep, and life in general!

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