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My Favorite Keto / Zero Carb Kitchen Tool (Hint: it’s NOT my Instant Pot)

steak how to cook sous vide recipe meat

I didn't think I would like ANY kitchen tool better than my Instant Pot. Pressure cooking is great for most meats and also broth making. Yet about 6 months ago I found something even better. A tool that produces the most tender meats and where it's very very difficult to overcook things, even seafood. In my opinion it's also easier to use than the Instant Pot, and even less hands on time.

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Raw Beef and Egg Recipe Breaks the Internet


EDIT: /rant: Since I've posted this recipe I've received actual HATE MAIL due to it's raw nature (omg raw beef and egg in one recipe breaks the internet apparently). I have had GREAT health results on raw beef from a trusted local source and a neighbors eggs. As always, you control your source and only make this recipe if those sources are trusted. Knowing your farmer is best. Who knew a recipe that used to be served in every fancy restaurant now makes the internet lose its mind. See first comment by SK below (thanks SK for providing good info and not hate mail!) for actual good advice regarding raw beef. /endrant

It was a hot night and I really wanted to try making steak tartare for the first time ever. I was hungry, craving beef yet not wanting to bbq a steak. I used to love eating raw hamburger or steak as a kid, and I do like my steak rare, but as an adult never had any meat so “raw” before. I was a little intimidated.

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Low Carb No Sugar Ground Beef Jerky

Since I've been on zero carb and keto I've wanted a beef jerky snack that I can take with me and needs no refrigeration. Yes, I could buy jerky but the ones without the chemicals and sugar are expensive. Even the beef jerky with sugar is expensive, actually!

So I looked at my freezer full of ground beef – grass fed hamburger and said ‘why can't I do this myself?' My ground beef grass-fed jerky was born! And the good thing is, I can flavor this however my family wants. I made mine in my Excalibur dehydrator but it's almost as easy to make this in your oven.

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Zero Carb “Protein Shake” for a Quick Breakfast

protein shake main image

Since I started on a Zero Carb diet, some mornings I've been getting into the bad habit of drinking broth with some gelatin in it. Don't get me wrong, bone broth and gelatin are great for me, but not as a meal replacement. I want to practice actually eating when I'm hungry and giving my body the nutrition it needs, not displacing my hunger and becoming a ravenous tiger at lunchtime or dinner.

I also wanted to find a quick, easy breakfast that I could take with me on the run. Also sometimes I just don't want to eat solid meat in the morning, but I do want to eat, and I'm limiting the amount of eggs I consume. I came up with a GREAT alternative, zero carb, keto quick meal, “protein shake”!

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8 Low Carb Ways to Grow and Eat Your Own Sprouts


Many of us have eaten sprouts at one time or another. I’ve been keen on them ever since I first tried them in the 1980s. They were all the rage and I’m fairly certain that nearly everyone back then tried them. Eating an avocado sandwich with alfalfa sprouts on whole wheat bread (or in a pita) was a kind of revelation for many. Who knew vegetarian food could taste so good!?! Now I don't eat bread, but I still want to take advantage of these little nutritious power houses! Luckily sprouts are still with us, and we now have many additional options aside from alfalfa. Thank goodness, sprouts will also fit into most any way of eating that you have – low carb, paleo, primal, keto, gluten free, SCD, GAPS and more!

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Redefining Salad – The Broiled ‘Wedge’

broiled wedge salad with text

I'm always in search for ways to eat more veggies, especially in the winter time. This “salad” was surprising to me… a natural sweetness combined with the saltiness of the bacon. It's a super simple side dish to prepare, and is even guest-worthy! You can top it with bleu cheese to make it more traditional ‘wedge' or leave it off for a dairy-free paleo side dish treat!

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