Weight Loss Update — I’ve Lost 40 Pounds (So Far!) with Ketosis and a High Fat Diet – Eat Fat Lose Fat

Weight Loss Update — I’ve Lost 40 Pounds (So Far!) with Ketosis and a High Fat Diet

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In the past 3 years I've researched and tried many different weight loss approaches, including those in the Eat Fat Lose Fat book in which this blog was founded. I've found that a hybrid approach finally has helped the pounds start melting off! Here is my first post that describes my journey and where I'm at right now. Enjoy!

The first time I heard the word paleo in reference to diet, I knew immediately that it was something I would try.

It was November 2010 and I was at the Weston A Price conference in Pennsylvania. I was working the Real Food Media (now Village Green Network) booth in the exhibit hall and a paleo blogger approached me. I spoke with them about maybe being part of RFM. We discussed our blogs, and they explained to me what paleo was. As I spoke to them, I increasingly felt that they were judging me for my weight. The old negative voices in my head spoke to me: “You're too fat to be part of the Weston A Price foundation, you're not a good example of what the real food way of life can do!” The blogger ended up giving me their card, and despite the judginess of that person, for some reason I started to research this new way of eating that didn't even allow grains to be consumed. Pure craziness! How in the world could I eliminate grains from my diet, and why would I want to? I had just barely learned how to soak/sprout grains, and now I can't eat them at all!?

I ended up loving paleo (well, it was a love/hate relationship), but I did NOT enjoy much of the Paleo community. Yes, the judginess and elitism continued from that first impression. I did meet a few very nice people in paleo though, but unfortunately many were of the judgmental sort, especially of the very overweight like myself. I lost weight on paleo/primal, but it wasn't much. However I felt better and understood that my metabolism just couldn't process grains very well–no matter how they were prepared. I even started CrossFit. That's where I ended up injuring my feet and having to quit due to pain, which resulted in the need for foot surgery (twice). I got pretty discouraged and ended up returning to some unhealthy eating habits. That combined with the physical inactivity of having long term foot pain and going through surgery, I started gaining weight at a slow but steady pace.

Then, over a year ago I stumbled upon Jimmy Moore's blog and his ideas on nutritional ketosis. His detailed approach and ideas really stuck with me, and before I knew it I was anticipating his progress posts. Everything I read made me feel that I'd struck on something that would help my PCOS, thyroid and joint problems as well as weight issues.


On July 1, 2012, I set out to start emulating what Jimmy Moore did. First, I bought a combination of glucose/ketone monitor and test strips. I also stocked up on ‘real' low carb food from healthy sources, such as coconut oil, celtic sea salt, grass-fed beef, wild caught salmon and vegetables from a local farm. I made real progress during the following months. This continued all the way up until late September, during which I was in a car accident while on a business trip. The injuries I sustained were minor, but it shocked my system and stressed me out. I experienced pain for a few months, and my weight loss stalled. Although the stress knocked me off-course from my self-improvement plans, I ultimately ended up maintaining my weight until April of this year. (Can you imagine, stopping a diet and then MAINTAINING? I had never heard of such a thing!)

Travel to India

In April of 2013, my day job sent me on an adventure: a two week trip to Bangalore, India. While on the trip, I  immersed myself in Indian cuisine and consumed anything that I wanted (but stayed gluten free), including sweets, rice, fried food (pakora is my favorite), dosa, and sugar cane juice (amazing stuff)–not to mention enough mango juice and coconut water to choke a horse. As a result, I gained 5 pounds. Not too bad, considering!

Back on Track

After returning from India I started on my method again. However, this time I chose to refine it, combining Weston A Price and Eat Fat Lose Fat guidelines, paleo/primal, and keto (nutritional ketosis) with a healthy dose of reality, humility and discipline. The weight began FALLING off of me again, and I've lost a total of 40 pounds. No one is more surprised than I am because I've never lost more than 10 pounds on any diet in my entire life. And the best thing is: I CAN SEE MYSELF DOING THIS FOREVER!!! I've basically been doing it for a year now and have only had a few minor lapses.

40 pounds in one year comes out to losing less than a pound a week. This is definitely slow going–but if you look at the time I was actively losing weight, it's only a matter of months. The time in between I was maintaining. I have a sneaking suspicion that I could improve on that…

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How To: Do Eat Fat Lose Fat / Paleo / Keto / Low Carb – Whatever It's Called?

I've decided to call my method “Kim's Keto” because it's short and sweet and easy to remember. No matter what it's called, it's working! Will it work for you? Maybe–it depends on how alike our problems are, although even those without obvious metabolic syndrome, PCOS, joint issues, thyroid problems or pre-diabetes STILL have success on keto.

I started to write down my method to describe how I've been doing this the last year, and it has turned into a 100+ page e-book. I'm almost done and will have it to you guys in the next couple weeks! Believe me, it is NOT rocket science; it's just a combination of things that I found that works for me, and I'm hoping that what I've learned in the last year could also help someone else. Take what you like, and leave the rest please. No dumping on my choices, ‘k? Everyone is different so my method may not work for you.

Join the discussion, what are your challenges with paleo, low carb, whole 30? Have you added in something else that is helping you? Leave a comment!

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