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Low Carb No Sugar Ground Beef Jerky

Since I've been on zero carb and keto I've wanted a beef jerky snack that I can take with me and needs no refrigeration. Yes, I could buy jerky but the ones without the chemicals and sugar are expensive. Even the beef jerky with sugar is expensive, actually!

So I looked at my freezer full of ground beef – grass fed hamburger and said ‘why can't I do this myself?' My ground beef grass-fed jerky was born! And the good thing is, I can flavor this however my family wants. I made mine in my Excalibur dehydrator but it's almost as easy to make this in your oven.

UPDATE: Since I will be making jerky often since my family enjoys it, I ordered this jerky gun to make the forming process super quick. The jerky cannon holds 1 1/2 pounds of ground meat. If you don't have a jerky gun, it's no problem, just use the method that I outlined below.

How to Make Ground Beef Jerky

First, I started with 2 pounds of defrosted ground beef and patted it with paper towels to make sure it was dry. I rolled it out with a heavy jar (you could use a rolling pin or a wine bottle) in a 18×13 inch sheet pan (with sides on it).

Next, I used a sharp knife to cut the ground beef into 2 inch x 4 inch strips. 
Then I used a small spatula to separate the pieces of ground beef.  

Now it's time for the seasoning! The first pic below is Gluten free BBQ sauce (for my family). Second pic is sriracha. I also used soy sauce, garlic powder and just plain Celtic sea salt on others.  

Next step is to load up your dehydrator trays. I use a 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator.  

I did so many different flavors that I had to make myself a map of the flavors on each tray. I was trying to see what my family would like the best.

Time to dehydrate! I dried the beef for about 4 hours total at 160 degrees. I did soak up the fat with paper towels and turned the jerky over in the middle of the drying. Next time, I will then season the other side after I turn them over as my family thought they needed more seasoning.

This ground beef jerky should be kept refrigerated or frozen until you want to use it. When you use it it can be left out for 2-5 days, but will last much longer if refrigerated or frozen until that time.

The finished product is amazing! This hamburger jerky is so yummy, economical, simple and a great snack or meal on the run.

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