My Zero Carb Diet Experiment – Day 10-22 Update – Eat Fat Lose Fat

My Zero Carb Diet Experiment – Day 10-22 Update

Wow sorry about that guys! I was so busy living my life and not focusing on food that time just slipped away and I didn't update you on how I'm doing. Summary: I'm doing GREAT on zero carb! I'm currently on Day 22.

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First of all, I have lost 9.5 pounds since I started on April 6, 2015. More importantly, I have also lost 3% of my body fat. And I've seen improvement in almost every area that I was having issues with before.

More Good Stuff

Hunger and cravings are completely non-existent now, even in the evenings. I am just not interested in food until actual hunger starts. And when I do get hungry, what I'm eating (steak, seafood, eggs, hamburger, chicken thighs) tastes REALLY good. Protein and fat really “hit the spot”. I have even cooked for my family and not had one desire to eat what I've cooked. This is huge for me, as I now realize… cravings completely ruled my life before. I didn't realize to what extent that was true until now.

Energy levels are very much increased! I am sleeping like a log and waking up in the morning super easy. I barely need coffee any longer, and have cut my consumption in half (not hard since I'm drinking it black now). I've also been able to work around my house and at work mentally really well. I still get tired, but now I'm noticing that once I rest a bit then I can get up and keep going again. There's a lot going on in my life right now so the increase in my energy level is coming at the very right time. I am loving this part.

My joints and muscles have seen a big improvement as well in the last couple weeks, although I'm still not pain free. I used to take 6 Advils (ibuprofen) at least three times a week if not more. I have only taken Advil TWICE since I started on 4/6. I can see that this WOE will really help me manage the arthritis symptoms.

The biggest and most surprising benefit that I've seen is the SIMPLICITY of the Zero Carb diet – it cannot be overstated! For those that have been completely obsessed about food non-stop (recipes, planning, shopping, preparing, eating), this is an amazing side benefit to this way of eating. I feel like I have a lot more time to just focus on LIFE now that I'm not thinking about food all of the time. It really helps to remove the compulsion surrounding eating. I'm not saying I'm cured, but I have thought in the last couple weeks “this is what normal people must feel like all of the time!”

Areas for Improvement

I discovered I'm intolerant to dairy right now, and I took out all dairy except for butter to see how this goes. I don't think I feel any different when I eat dairy, but my fasting blood sugar goes up 20 points the next day if I have any sort of dairy (even small bits of real heavy cream or real full fat cultured sour cream with no additives). Then I go without dairy the next day, and take my FBS the next morning, and it is back down to high 80's low 90's. I have repeated this ‘test' 4 times (slow learner I guess) and now I'm just working on acceptance that my body will do better without dairy right now. I may add some high quality dairy at a later date after some healing has occurred to see how I do with it. But for now, I'm removing it because I want to make progress on zero carb. Note: I have not attempted cheese since the cheese debacle.

One thing I wish would improve on zero carb but isn't is my digestion. As you've read before, I came into ZC with digestion problems (diarrhea) though, so I expect that this will take longer to move in the right direction. However, gas has been reduced by 95% since I started, to the great relief of my family, so there is that!

How are you guys doing on zero carb? Remember, your comments will help others!

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