My Zero Carb Diet Experiment – Day 5 – 9 Update – Eat Fat Lose Fat

My Zero Carb Diet Experiment – Day 5 – 9 Update

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I'm on my 9th day of my Zero Carb Diet experiment (I started Monday April 6, 2015),  It's been a bumpy ride so far but overall going very well.


For this update I do have some numbers for all of you fellow geeks! I have been taking some blood ketone levels (although I ran out of strips and you know how fricking expensive they are), and blood glucose levels. I am NOT diabetic, not even pre-diabetic but being extremely insulin resistant, I have tracked these numbers at times over the years to keep an eye out.

  • Fasting blood glucose: 89 (106-115 after eating 1 ounce of full fat cheese the night before – ouch)
  • Evening blood glucose (at least two hours after dinner): Low 90's (with no cheese)
  • Evening ketone level: .8 – 1.5 — woo hoo! I know this doesn't seem high but for me I have had trouble getting over .5 which is the minimum level you need for optimum fat loss (based on the Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living book).
  • Morning ketone level: .6 – 1.0
  • Weight – I lost three more pounds as of this morning (that's even with the cheese debacle)! Total loss of 6 pounds in only 9 days. This is crazy weird for me.
  • My body fat monitor is on my scale and doesn't seem to be working. For next time I'll go to the health center at work to use theirs.

Keto Flu

Keto flu has improved overall, but there have been some hard hours even in the last 5 days. I may be fighting off a real cold though, so I can't blame zero carb for some of this.


Still eating mostly the same except I found out that I need to cut out the cheese in large amounts. Only a sprinkle for me from here on out – and absolutely NO mozzarella… twice I ate 1-2 ounces of full fat pepperjack cheese and woke up with joint pain and general fogginess. Could have been partially the peppers (nightshade issue?). My friend Christine suggested on my Facebook Page that I integrate raw grass fed cheese and see how that goes. I believe I will try that after the 30 days and will update you on how that goes.

Mostly in the evening I miss the act of eating, but not the food itself. I'm really grieving the loss of food sometimes and feeling really whiny about it. Thank you to those who have supported me at my whiniest on the ZIOH Facebook forum.

I have been sticking to mostly 3 meals/day and no snacks, which is an improvement. I just don't need a snack at all anymore, especially after dinner.

  • I'm eating about 70% of my meat as beef – ground, steaks, tri-tip, pot roast and the rest is chicken thighs or fatty fish.
  • I have been eating some full fat dairy, heavy cream in my coffee, sour cream or butter on my steak.
  • I've been eating a couple eggs per day (although one day I ate 9 eggs!! NINE EGGS IN ONE DAY!!). Hard boiled they make good snacks too.
  • I'm not bored yet! Everything tastes good when I'm eating it and I'm eating when I'm hungry. “If meat doesn't sound good, you're not hungry” — Charles Washington
  • I have one cup of coffee in the morning with heavy cream. Not sure if I'll be removing all dairy or not yet. I also drink peppermint tea at work (unsweetened of course).
  • I do use some spices and spice mixes (no sugar added). Taco seasoning, etc.

Increased Need For Salt

In the last update I wrote about my huge need for salt. This has completely gone away now, and I'm eating salt but in more normal amounts (for me). This is a good example on why to just pay attention to what your body is telling you – it's probably a short term need and will pass.

Weight Loss

I've lost even more weight! 3 more pounds for a total loss of 6 pounds since 4/6/15.


This is improving, but I still have diarrhea about half the time. Disclaimer: I had this problem even before zero carb though.

Muscles, Joints, and Bones

Much better! Not perfect but I can see improvement since day 5. My right knee still hurts, but it hurts less when I stand up after being seated awhile. I'm not creaky when I get out of bed in the morning. My left elbow still hurts though but it's less.

One NSV (non-scale victory) – I can wear my wedding ring again! My joints had swelled so that my knuckle wouldn't allow me to wear it but it's fine now.


No visible improvement yet (pun intended). But things have not degraded, so that's good!


Sometimes my goiter under chin is improved, sometimes not. Likely will take awhile on this one. Wondering if they are lymph nodes and they're swelled because I'm fighting a cold.

Mental Clarity & Depression

I had one day that was pretty bad for depression – day 6 or 7. But keep in mind, I've gone off of my Celexa completely. Since then I'm doing much better, although I will occasionally have one hour or two that are difficult.


I've found that I have to be careful of what food I look at, including pictures and commercials. What I'm viewing very much effects what I want to eat. This is disturbing to me, it's like I don't have control. Thoughts of certain foods flit into my mind at times. One note – I hate people that have candy bowls in their office at work. They make it difficult to keep on track and I have to go through a mental exercise EVERY TIME to resist it, even though technically I am not hungry or craving any particular food. Oh wait, I am craving fish/seafood, but that's easily remedied. Sashimi!!


Sleep was disturbed during the cheese debacle but has returned to normal since then. I'm waking up (early for me) at 6am and able to get out of bed and get going right away. I've always been a morning person, but 6am was always a little early for me. I need less sleep than I used to!

Summary of Changes:

  • Lost 3 pounds since last update (total loss of 6 pounds since starting ZC on 4/6/15)
  • Have more mental clarity, keto flu is still hanging on a little bit, but it could be that I am fighting off an actual cold.
  • More improvements on sleep, joint pain
  • Pictures of food are bothering me, even though I'm not hungry between meals and have ZERO cravings (except for things I can eat).
  • Grieving the loss of foods I am choosing not to eat, missing the act of eating sometimes. I'm nervous about being challenged socially. No one outside of my house has noticed my habits changing (which is great) but I know that day is coming sometime soon.
  • Diarrhea is starting to get better – the morning is still bad but during the day it's better.

How are YOU doing on zero carb? Your comment will help others!…

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