Eat Fat Lose Fat – Page 2 – Taking a hybrid approach to weight loss, Keto Ketogenic, Low Carb, Zero Carb carnivore diet and Paleo Primal

My Zero Carb Diet Experiment

zero carb diet, low carb, keto

As you well know, I'm very interested in nutrition and diet differences, and have dabbled in many different WOE's (Ways of Eating). I started reading some interesting blogs about a “Zero Carb Diet”, basically a keto diet on steroids! The zero carb diet can be even more effective than a plain ol' keto diet for those that are very insulin resistant (I just raised my hand), have extreme metabolic issues such as PCOS (yep), digestive issues (check) such as IBS or Crohn's or who have a disease that needs treated such as cancer or epilepsy.

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8 Low Carb Ways to Grow and Eat Your Own Sprouts


Many of us have eaten sprouts at one time or another. I’ve been keen on them ever since I first tried them in the 1980s. They were all the rage and I’m fairly certain that nearly everyone back then tried them. Eating an avocado sandwich with alfalfa sprouts on whole wheat bread (or in a pita) was a kind of revelation for many. Who knew vegetarian food could taste so good!?! Now I don't eat bread, but I still want to take advantage of these little nutritious power houses! Luckily sprouts are still with us, and we now have many additional options aside from alfalfa. Thank goodness, sprouts will also fit into most any way of eating that you have – low carb, paleo, primal, keto, gluten free, SCD, GAPS and more!

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Redefining Salad – The Broiled ‘Wedge’

broiled wedge salad with text

I'm always in search for ways to eat more veggies, especially in the winter time. This “salad” was surprising to me… a natural sweetness combined with the saltiness of the bacon. It's a super simple side dish to prepare, and is even guest-worthy! You can top it with bleu cheese to make it more traditional ‘wedge' or leave it off for a dairy-free paleo side dish treat!

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