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Zero Carb Experiment – 60 day Update!


A Yummy Zero Carb lunch

Well I have been busy living life and not thinking about food, so have been forgetting to let you guys know how I'm doing with zero carb! I'm doing really well and have lost more weight!

Since my 30 day update, I have lost 7 more pounds. Not a huge loss, but it's nothing to sneeze at, either. I have started exercising on some days, and have been very active at home. I still have no cravings, and have not even been tempted to eat any of the fresh berries that are grown near my house (I live in the middle of berry country!).  I always have been a daily eater of berries this time of year. I have zero physical cravings for any type of food that isn't on zero carb. The greatest cravings that I've had this month are for scallops, wild salmon, and lamb, which are easily attainable.

I don't want to make it sound like every day is fabulous and I'm always feeling good though. A cold went through my family this month so I felt some time feeling ‘run down' and tired, but never actually had a full blown cold. I usually get every sickness so I think I've gained some immune system functionality! Also, I can be grumpy at times due to having to feel all of my feelings without being able to use food to suppress them. Especially in the evenings. I have had moments where I just didn't want to eat zero carb. Not because I was physically craving something, but just due to laziness, feelings, or tiredness. Even a lack of planning food doesn't seem to effect me like it always does. If I don't plan, it's always easy to find acceptable food. It's easy to cook at home, and easy to eat a hamburger patty when on-the-go. At work, I will eat a can of sardines and it kills my cravings completely. In summary, I'm still adjusting to using food as fuel instead of as entertainment. For me food as entertainment can be ok at times, but daily is a bad idea.

This month I've been able to focus on some non-food or diet goals for the first time in a long time. I'm currently planning a PCT backpacking trip to start next May or June. I'm planning on doing the Oregon section of the trail, and I want to do it while doing zero carb. I've started to do some initial training, I've bought some gear, and am practicing with it and also figuring out what I can eat on the trail that will allow me to stick to zero carb and essentially feel the best that I can while doing it. We're also selling our big house and making plans to downsize to a smaller one, so there's lots to do that doesn't involve food. We will end up living in our trailer during the housing transition, and I'm so glad for zero carb because the food situation will be so much simpler. It feels really healthy to be focused on these non-food goals. And it makes me wonder what I could have accomplished in my life if I'd just had access to all of this information before.

Dairy tends to be the seductive mistress and at times has crept back into my life. I've had to be pretty strict and make hard (but realistic) goals with myself. If we're out and about, I tend to be more free with it. But at home I'm more strict. This is working for me right now.

My energy levels throughout the day are very even and still do not have trouble waking in the mornings. It's not perfect but gradually getting better and better! Sometimes I have days where I'm a bit more tired, and I think it's because I increased my exercise levels. On those days I just try to rest. Even on those days I do not take naps. Before zero carb, if I exercised I was so tired I had to nap all of the time. It's really nice to be just a ‘normal' tired and not wiped out after physical activity.

Also my blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, and A1C levels are great. My clothes are also fitting too loosely and I'm going to have to start buying new soon since they are way too baggy!

Do you have any questions? How are you doing on zero carb?

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