kim head shot July 2013 Hi, my name is Kim Knoch, and I am the face behind the Eat Fat Lose Fat blog. In October 2006, I stumbled upon Sally Fallon Morell’s and Mary Enig’s wonderful cookbook ‘Nourishing Traditions’, then shortly after that, their book ‘Eat Fat Lose Fat'. Since then I have been moving my home over to the traditional way of cooking. I have decided to take on the challenge of the Eat Fat Lose Fat plan and cooking through all of the recipes. I also write The Nourishing Cook blog and am cooking through all 773 recipes from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook.

I am a mom of twin teenaged girls, wife to Shawn, home cook, and I work full-time for a computer chip company and play the flute in a number of local orchestras. Also, my husband and I own a Portland, Oregon remodeling company All Phase Remodeling Inc. If you own a home or business in the Portland area please check us out if you have any remodeling needs. Anyway, my point is I am not a professional foodie, but a home cook, someone that enjoys cooking but never wants to do it for a living. I am the type to cook when upset, coming down with a cold, or when I am stressed… cooking is relaxing to me and something good (usually) comes from it!

Nutrient-dense eating is personally important to me because I need all of the nutrients that I can get. I had weight loss surgery in 2001 and lost 200 pounds, and as a result of that became severely anemic and had a shortage of other vitamins and minerals in my blood. ‘Nourishing Traditions’ and Eat Fat Lose Fat got my eating back on track. I made sure that everything that I put in my mouth was the best quality that it could be. It worked, and my anemia has been corrected and my vitamin/mineral levels are normal, partly due to the methods that I talk about in this blog. I am not a fanatic about eating the ‘right’ food all of the time, that kind of behavior just stresses me out. But if I’m eating healthy home-cooked meals 80% of the time, that is an amazing thing for me, and a huge improvement.

After the large weight loss from surgery, I was still overweight and after stabilizing my health, wanted to lose the rest of the weight. I started in July 2012 with a ketogenic diet and haven't looked back! Check back at the blog often because I do post updates on how I'm doing in my pursuit of my goal weight.

My goal with this blog is weight loss, healthy living, learning more about cooking, and how to incorporate the traditional diet more into my lifestyle so that it becomes a habit. I am wanting to share what I’m learning and I don’t judge what others are doing. There is not ‘one’ right answer, we all have a path that we need to find. Take what you like, and leave the rest!



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